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Why aren't you fishing in the rain?

Yesterday, during a late summer hard rain, I announced to the family, "I'm going fishing."

The slow head turns and blank stares confirmed it was a curious decision.

Regardless, I grabbed my poncho, fishing gear, slipped on my boots and trudged to a nearby farm pond...our outdoor dog following behind.

Standing on the bank, the rain was so hard at some moments it appeared the pond was boiling. Even the dog, usually my fishing companion, gave up and left for the house after glancing back at me as if to ask, 'you are aware it's raining, right?'

It was a bit uncomfortable, cumbersome, and a challenge...but I was determined to make it a productive experience! Relentlessly casting several times, to no avail.

Changed lures and tried again. Still no luck.

A half hour later, moved to another section of the pond. Nothing.

Changed lures yet again, moved yet again, and suddenly the fish started to bite. Literally 7 casts in a row produced 7 fish. Although not as consistent, the success continued for the next hour. Final total: 16 fish of several varieties, and all sizes. Success by anyone's standards!

In your business.......are you fishing in the rain? Maybe you should. Waiting for the sun to shine isn't always the best option.

As I see frequent headlines announcing business closings, business bankruptcies, and layoffs...while many are simply unsolvable situations, I wonder how many refused to fish in the rain. Think of the covid crisis as a rainy day. Put on your poncho, trudge through the mud, and cast regardless of the conditions. Change positions, change lures, change techniques....but don't quit, and don't simply hope for a sunny day to arrive. It may not.

Will some look at you with blank stares? Yes.

Will some ask 'you are aware it's raining, right?' Yes.

Will you wonder at times if you should just give it up? Yes.

Do it anyway.

You may be surprised to discover that these difficult times force you to consider new ideas, products, and services that could change the entire course of your business in a positive way. the rain.

Let's talk about areas of your business you may have never considered to be marketing opportunities. It's what we do.

What can we do for you? Read our client's testimonials here, and contact us today.

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James Brown
James Brown
Sep 21, 2022

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