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A, B, T, R, Z, E, U........why not?

Say your alphabet in your head.

Does it follow the same exact pattern as you learned when a child?

Why is that?

The alphabet doesn't REALLY have to be in any particular sequence - we learn it that way as a child, and it is reinforced by those who need to check our accuracy. Otherwise, no, it does not really have to be in that order.

Yet here you are...many years after you learned it...saying it the exact same way.

This simple exercise is a great example of how easily we can fall into repetitive habits for simple reasons. Habits that easily correlate into repetitive steps essentially dulling our creative thought process.

Here's your new challenge: Metaphorically 'mix your alphabet up'. Rearrange your room. Lie on the floor and change your view. Drive a different path to work. Shake up your routine! Read a magazine you wouldn't normally consider. Try a new meal or beverage you've never tried before. Jumble up your morning routine. Turn your book upside down and read it (a trick I discovered as a child). Purposefully, consciously, aggressively try to avoid mind-numbing repetitive tasks.

These simple steps will turn loose the flood gates, let the creativity flow, and open your eyes to new ideas and opportunities. They are methods we use every day for our clients.

Reach out to us via our profile or website, we are always accepting new clients or collaborating with others who are seeking creative new ideas.


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