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The Kalynn Principle......against all odds.

While coaching Little League baseball, there was one youngster on our team who played the game according to his own set of rules. Kalynn.

Despite always being instructed to stop at first base anytime he was walked or hit a single...Kalynn never stopped at first. Ever.

Against all odds, against all conventional rules of the game, against our instruction, he would continue running to the next base. Would he get tagged out often? Yes.

But would he often confuse the opposition, force them into errors, and frequently score? Absolutely. In fact, more than he was tagged out.

The Kalynn Principle begs you to consider ignoring the rules, run past first base, challenge your traditional thoughts, methods, strategies and opponents, and occasionally, mindlessly, sprint toward your goal.


When creating new marketing strategies, content, and promotional materials for our clients, we often initiate the Kalynn Principle. The results are both award winning and wildly successful for our clients.

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