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Never park in the same space twice

Do you always park in the same parking spot at work?

When asked about the ability to be creative, I often consult with the concept of the subconscious mind and the role it plays in providing (or preventing) creative results.

The process can be both simple and complicated, and requires daily, often simplistic, non-habit habits. One of my seminars focuses on daily tasks you may never consider to be stumbling blocks on your way to a creative brainstorm. Do you, for example, always follow the same literally mind-numbing routine? Do you wake at the same exact time? Shower in exactly the same procedure? Put your clothes on in the same specific order? Make your coffee with perfectly duplicated precision? Drive the same exact route to work? And park in the same spot when you get there?

Stop it.

Realize that you are training your mind to always follow steps 1, 2, then 3....a, b, then c. Why are you surprised then, when you ask it to develop a creative concept...and it just sits, doing nothing?

Set your alarm to varying times, even if by a couple of minutes. Jumble up your shower routine. Put your left sock on first, instead of your right (or whatever). Stir your coffee with your left hand today and put the creamer in before the sugar (or whichever). Drive a different route to work, and park in a different space. Observe your 'habit' habits, and make the determined decision to change them on purpose. Shake up your daily routines, make it a point to do even the minor things differently, and you may be surprised to find major changes in your thought and creativity process.

On occasion, we'll feature creativity tips here, that on the surface may seem trite or ridiculously basic - however, they are keys that can begin to unlock the creative process that resides in your subconscious mind. These are only part of an overall concept that, when combined, can deliver a consistent stream of creative ideas. Take note, and begin to practice these methods, and you'll soon begin to see results.

These and other methods are how we deliver surprising and effective marketing content and advice to our clients. Let's talk about areas of your business we can's what we do!

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