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Have an outdoor grill? Because Henry had a garbage problem.

When making the Model T, Henry Ford's production left lots of scrap wood. His wood mills, in preparing the wood, also had mountains of wood chips and sawdust....garbage. Ford was known to try and utilize every part of their production process. This was no exception. 'What can we do with this leftover product?' he wondered to himself. Ford turned to his cousin E.G. Kingsford, operator of the primary wood mill, to discuss options.

A University of Oregon chemist, Orin Stafford, had recently developed a patented briquette process, he and Ford reached an agreement, and Ford's friend Thomas Edison oversaw the building of a factory to produce them. Soon, when marketing the Fords, the concept of promoting 'family outings', and the romance of the highways became the theme. Add to that the idea of a portable grill, charcoal, and family picnics along America's scenic landscapes...and the marriage was made.

Initially, Ford dealerships were the retailers for Ford's portable grills and charcoal...the charcoal was later named Kingsford. To this day, Kingsford remains the number one selling charcoal brand in the world, and today 75% of Americans own a grill or smoker.

Garbage...into gold. What is within your idea bank, service, or product area that could be your charcoal? Take a moment to see your process through new may be missing something.

Ford dealerships were the first locations for distribution of their charcoal briquets and grills, followed later by hardware and grocery stores.

Part of what we do is explore ideas with our clients, brainstorm options, and develop creative ways to package and promote those products and services to the public. It's what we do!

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