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The family heirloom met with a tragic ending.

Recently I saw these busted remains of a chair that had apparently fallen from someone's moving trailer. There it was, lying in pieces by the side of the road. A family heirloom perhaps, a favorite chair at least...important enough to include in their move - but now unable to make it to the new home.


Now they'll be forced to consider if the chair was really all that important, decide if they should replace it, and maybe a new style or color will take its place. Your products, services, and projects should be viewed the same way. If a computer crashes, a file gets deleted or misplaced, a product or service is suddenly impacted by competitors, suppliers, or a pandemic...good.

Consider it an opportunity to start fresh. Use the negative to force you to think positive. Go back to the drawing board and brainstorm new ideas, products, and services.

Better ideas are ahead!

Christiansen and his staff surveying the burned remains of their shop.

In 1916, for example, Kirk Christiansen bought a woodworking shop and began producing furniture. In 1924 a pile of wood shavings caught fire and the entire shop burned down.

Unfazed, Christiansen rebuilt the shop and when the Great Depression hit soon thereafter he narrowed his product line to stepladders and ironing boards. To assist his sales force, he made several miniature versions of his products. In doing so, he enjoyed the miniaturized versions so much he expanded with a line of children's toys: wooden cars, trucks, and pull toys.

In the 1940's plastic began making its way into the toy business, and over the next several years, Christiansen and his team found, redeveloped, and improved an interlocking 'brick' toy system. Better known, of course, as Lego.

In 2019, the Lego company reported over $34 Billion in global sales.

Part of what we do is explore ideas with our clients, brainstorm options, and develop creative ways to package and promote those products and services to the public. It's what we do!

What can we do for you? Read our client's testimonials here, and contact us today.


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