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Why is your vacuum cleaner so loud?

We watched a youtube video recently with great interest.

It was about how 'sound' plays a serious role in affecting consumer behavior.

For example, were you aware that vacuum cleaners can be designed to be super quiet to the point of near silence? They can. But they won't.

Why? Because they won't sell.

Consumers, for whatever reason, are comforted by the overly noisy whirring of the vacuum cleaner....because it gives them the feeling that it is doing a great job of sucking up all that dirt and debris. Likewise, vacuum manufacturers choose a particular type of plastic for the reservoir. A resin with enough hardness to deliver a nice clicking & pecking sound as those particles rattle around inside....again, so the consumer can be audibly satisfied.

Automobile doors.....yes, they can be designed to close in near silence. But they aren't, on purpose. There is literally a special auto manufacturer team whose job is to be sure the door 'thud' and hood 'clump' and the trunk 'kachunk' have just the right sound to denote a strong, heavy, and stable impression.

At the 2019 West Tennessee Strawberry Festival, there were two competing home-made ice cream vendors. One outsold the other two-to-one. Why? They were playing bluegrass music outside their food truck. Suddenly, although the consumers probably never even realized it...they weren't just buying home-made ice cream...they were buying 'authentic' home-made ice cream, as underscored by the music.

What are you doing at your business to deliver the proper auditory environment? Is there something you can do to move your consumers/clients to a positive, more sales-friendly experience? If you're an Italian restaurant, are authentic Italian melodies playing softly in the background (and videos of Gondolas traversing Italy's waterways on the TV screens with your logo overlaid)? If you're a general merchandise store positioned as vintage-like, do you have an ol' fashioned bell on the front door to 'jingle' upon entry?

Let's talk about areas of your business you may have never considered to be marketing opportunities. We have our eyes (and ears) open with ideas and suggestions. It's what we do.

What can we do for you? Read our client's testimonials here, and contact us today.

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