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Watch the words you say (and post)

A quote I saw recently stated, "the human tongue is a beast that few can master. It strains constantly to break out of its cage, and if it is not tamed, it will run wild and cause you grief."

While that is certainly true in relationships, amplified and broader with today's social media and texting arenas, the words you say (and post) can be affecting not only your potential customer/client base, but also your own performance and behavior.

While chatting with a client recently, we were discussing the amount of time we spent in front of a computer, we both referenced it as 'just sitting in front of the computer.' It dawned upon me that referring to it in that manner could be, at least partially, affecting our performance/production.

We were both, subconsciously, tagging a very important task with a negative connotation. I challenged myself to develop a new way to refer to computer task time, and ultimately (for my line of work) settled upon 'creating amazing stuff with my computer.' It may sound lame, but imagine how differently your brain reacts when someone asks, 'what did you do today?' and you respond with 'I created amazing stuff with my computer'....instead of 'I sat in front of the computer all day'. How can you spin a phrase for your line of work? Don't feel silly. Do it. You'll be surprised at how differently you approach computer (or other) tasks when you rebrand it within yourself.

I had already changed my response when asked 'how are you today?' What is the typical reply? 'Doing okay'....or 'Alright'...or 'Not too bad'. For the past several years, my answer is ALWAYS, 'Amazing, but getting better.'

As a teenager, I stumbled across the book 'The Magic of Believing'. Since then I've been a firm believer that your subconscious mind is a powerful, and an often mis-or-under-used tool. It is unable to determine fact from fiction (it's why you often wake from a crazy dream, momentarily believing it to be real)...and if that is true, then we should be much more aware of what we're saying aloud about ourselves, our tasks, our circumstances, and our plans for the future. Watch what you think, watch what you say...your subconscious will do its best to drive you to your stated goal...positive, or negative.

Likewise, are you sending negative vibes with your social media posts, marketing and advertising, without realizing it? It always amuses me when I see a sign on a business door that says "use OTHER door". Why not "use THIS door" instead? The first sign automatically suggests to folks they are obviously about to use the wrong door. Are your status updates, content, brand messaging, advertising, point of purchase materials, and your in-store/office customer relations verbiage poisoned with negative words and phrases? Put those areas under review, and determine if changes could be made in a positive way. You may be surprised with the results.

Let's talk about areas of your business you may have never considered to be marketing opportunities. It's what we do.

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