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He looked up, hesitated, then said...

I almost didn't write this blog because it again referenced The Peabody Hotel in Memphis. The previous blog regarding Mr. Lansky also centered there.

However, this moment occurred at another time, and involved an entirely different set of circumstances. I could find no other real reason to delay writing it, so here we go...

Several years ago, I was preparing to give a fund-raising seminar to media from across the nation at a St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital event. I had the good fortune to stay at the historic Peabody Hotel in Memphis.

The morning of the event, I decided to grab some breakfast at Capriccio Grill inside the hotel. One of the front desk personnel recommended their Duckmaster's Breakfast. Before hitting the restaurant, however, I stopped by the Peabody's Newsstand...yes, at that time they still had a counter featuring newspapers and magazines from around the world. Behind the counter was a well dressed elderly gentleman.

I picked up the Wall Street Journal and laid it on the counter along with the change needed to pay for it. The gentleman asked, 'Like the Journal do ya?' 'Yes sir', I replied. During that time, I had a subscription to the Journal and felt it was important to keep up with the latest business trends, market changes, etc. The Journal, at that time, was the best source for that type of information. I continued, 'I like to know what's going on.'

He looked up over his glasses, hesitated, then said, 'Well son...the truth of the matter is, you already know all you need to know.... just gotta figure out how to put it together.'

I still wrestle with what he said. It's true. We do already know what we need to's putting it together and putting it into action that creates results. Although gaining additional knowledge is always important....we should all remember that the process should then be: assimilating that information, applying it to your current challenge or project, then putting it into ACTION. Experience is, indeed, the best teacher.

Quit pondering...take what you know, apply it to your circumstances, then get off your hump and get it done!

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