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My first professional marketing pitch, at age 13.

As an early teen, I was working at a radio station as the janitor (eventually working through the ranks of announcer, newscaster, salesperson, program director, sales manager, station manager, owner, then transitioning to and conquering the corporate world before starting this agency). The station was on the second floor of a bank. When taking my $36 a week check to the bank, I'd often overhear customers chatting with tellers. At that time, one of the frequent 'cute' questions folks would ask bank employees was if they 'had any free samples today?' The tellers, having heard it hundreds of times already, would give their best customer service chuckle and respond with 'nooo, not today.'

So I started wondering, 'what IF they did have samples to give away?'

Within a couple of days I had drawn a design similar to what is below, paid a printer ($15) to make 200 copies of them, bought two $1 rolls of pennies, a bottle of Elmer's glue, and went to work....ultimately selling them to the bank president for $100 as a promotional piece for his tellers. The tellers were happy to finally have an answer, and the customers chuckled and appreciated the bank's sense of humor. Over time, they bought thousands of them. They are still in some folks' memorabilia collections.

Marketing hasn't changed: find a need, promote a product/service in a creative way to deliver results, and get paid for the process. It wasn't until years later that I realized this particular skill is more genetic than it is learned. It's in our company's DNA.......legit.

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